Updated: Apr 4, 2020

By Yug Sinha

It's just been 150 days without Internet access in Kashmir,

But is it a problem if 7 million people went back to the primeval age,

The government has always turned a deaf ear,

Because citizens calling the blockage 'draconian' are captive in an invisible cage,

Guwahati, Assam, Bengal were recently added to the list,

The plight of the Northeast has taken the form of resistance,

This time they have decided to persist,

Breaking the shackles of thought that they cannot survive without their assistance,

Confusing Honest Dissent with Disloyal Subversion seems the new order,

Using brute parliamentarian arithmetic for majoritarian gains,

For the authority also understands that thoughts have no border,

To eliminate the dissenters and then nothing remains,

Education is recognized but not something they will take up the cudgels for,

11 km from the Parliament the library shattered into pieces and activism hushed,

The propaganda of the Tukde Tukde gang they said; whom they abhor,

Mild tweets would land you in jail and free speech be crushed,

JU, AMU, JMI, DU protests against the recent police crackdown,

While the Home Minister promised a sky-high statue in Ayodhya within a year,

Unprivileged students quit studies over a 300% fee hike crackdown,

The HRD minister called the fee hike necessary to neutralize higher expenditure,

A 1200% increase in cases of sexual assault is plaguing society,

While we cheer for one more extra-judicial killing,

This precedence will, in fact, increase the criminal's notoriety,

Because the due process of law for them is disappearing,

Unemployment highest in the last 45 years and GDP growth rate 4.5% merely,

Beefing over temples and going ham over mosques,

Putting the economy in a conundrum and affecting the businesses severely,

Got cash for ads and rallies but educational institutions top to cut costs,

Goalpara in Assam serving as a detention center for the 'so-called' illegal immigrants,

High boundary walls and watchtowers were built for 3000 detainees,

Some workers at the site have accepted their fate and woeful predicaments,

Because producing decades of old birth and land ownership certificates by the displaced comes with immense ease,

These mascots of God with the passion for fraud,

Seducing the youth with Guns and giving them cogent instructions,

Recruiting the poor, producing thugs in abundance by defraud,

But people talking against are just cuckoo with stupid deductions,

Inaccurate and agenda filled debates with sold-out media,

These tactics smearing the demographics with fictional news,

Bending and changing facts appealing to the masses is the biggest tragedia,

To propagate discrimination, hate and to be vile is the diction they use,

Fascists and Chauvinists are never disguised with guilt,

Because in a Democracy how can you pick a side when you are surrounded by filth.

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