From 151 to 221: The Political Gamble

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Written by - Vedant Upadhayay

151 and 221 are some of the numerals that have been in news now since past twenty days or so due to their political significance. Only a month has passed after the inauguration of ‘Statue of Unity’ but the political tides have taken a monstrous turn which may lead to a devastating consequence. The announcement to build a 151 turned 221 meter statue of Lord Rama says it all.

It has been analyzed that around 10 billion rupees would be spent on building this statue. By God’s grace, the fund has never been a problem in our country. The condition of Ayodhya is heart wrenching. The word ‘clean’ has almost been omitted from native people’s dictionary and according to Hindu mythology, a statue can only be established at a clean place but here the condition is the other way round. The narrow lanes of Ayodhya says it all. Here, the question arises that will our leaders pay attention to this fact or will they give a political angle to this aspect as well. Because, worldwide, Indians are known for politicizing everything.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of UP, is on a chariot with a mission to influence the people of the country. Mr. Narendra Modi once did the same when he was the chief minister of Gujarat and now we all can see him as the prime decision making executive. Yogi’s visit to Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to address the people and his description of central relating to that of UP is, somewhere, announcing his PM candidature in the next decade or so. The results of the assembly elections are quite predictable by the public. Rajasthan follows one congress-one BJP rule and in MP, Shivraj Singh is quite influential. So, what was the need of Yogi’s visit?

The proposed project of statue clearly specifies the attempt to gain supremacy over the Statue of Unity. What should we infer from the political arena? Because the candidates are many, the seat is one and the gamble is on!

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